My paintings investigate themes of aging and death through the guise of extinction metaphors. The often apocalyptic settings mimic the clouds of vitriol and fear rolling through contemporary discourse. My dino-clad figure patiently rides out the storm, more concerned with the rigors of playtime than the entropy around me.


The installations are manifestations of the paracosms I lived in as a child - whimsical worlds encased inside the ordinary detritus of life. Entering the space becomes a safe haven where the pressures of life are left outside. The mind is left to wander to forgotten spaces, back to the imagination and wonder that is so often left behind in youth.

My work is a challenge to the notion of the seriousness of adulthood. The playfulness and wonder of youth is offset by the transition from child to adult, from play to work, from fantasy to reality, aging and death. By putting on the costume or creating immersive environments, I seek to escape from the crushing weight of the socially acceptable adult archetype imposed on me.

© 2017 by Jescia Hoffman Hopper