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MODERN MYTH, 2008-2009

Dreams, myth and fantasy play a substantial role in my art. Whether the myth is something from ancient literature, or subconscious longing for the innocence of childhood, I feel that these motifs are instilled into the psyche of all people. Throughout history, mankind has used the human figure to express all manner of emotive experience. Although it is not currently en vogue to continue with tradition, I feel that figurative art is important and can create a significant connection with the viewer at an intrinsic level.


The mythological pieces reference ancient Greek myths and are modernized through environmental context and costume. Heroes, anthropomorphic creatures and gods are lowered to a human level - faulty, pathetic, violent, tired, playful. These traits exist (minimally) in the myths, but it is our nature to glorify and perfect that which we cannot understand

The Ugly Child, 2008
The Ugly Child, 2009
Trophy Head, 2008
Mo(u)rning in Hades, 2009
Conquest, 2008
Birth of Aphrodite, 2008
Playful Siren, 2009
Disapproving Siren, 2009
Orpheus..., 2009
Hide and Seek (Medusa), 2009
Atlas II, 2007
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