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Jescia Hoffman Hopper is a visual art educator at Sheyenne High School in West Fargo. She is also an adjunct instructor at Minnesota State University Moorhead, and exhibits work frequently throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. Hopper has a Master of Arts in Art Education from the Maryland Institute College of Art, as well as a BFA in drawing and BS in Art Education from Minnesota State University Moorhead.

My work is a challenge to the notion of the seriousness of adulthood. The playfulness and wonder of youth is offset by the transition from child to adult, from play to work, from fantasy to reality, aging and death. By putting on the costume or creating immersive environments, I seek to escape from the crushing weight of the socially acceptable adult archetype imposed on me.

“Artists often act in the interstices between old and new, in the possibility of spaces that are as yet socially unrealizable. There they create images of a hopeful or horrible future that may or may not come to be.” - Lucy Lippard

Photo courtesy of Dan Francis Photography

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